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Nowruz 94
Every year, as much of the earth begins to blossom in new and wonderful colors, Nowruz invites us to contemplate nature’s power of renewal and rejuvenation, to look more deeply, not just into the green world out there, but at our human nature as well. Today, for the millions of peoples coming from cultures where Nowruz has been celebrated for centuries, Nowruz combines memories of the homeland with the promise of a world that can transcend all political division to make a new beginning. To the world, it offers the potential of a human community in which a race of all races would emerge to create, out of our common and inalienable humanity, a new global culture beyond all nationhood and nationality. It aspires to no less than a human community as beautiful and colorful as nature on the first day of spring. Merry Nowruz, have a truly “new day,” and may we all live to see the grand new human community-in-the-making.


Nowruz, literally meaning “a new day,” has through the ages lived up to its name in wondrous ways. For much of the world, it has provided the supreme occasion for renewal and rejuvenation, for new resolves and new beginnings. The power behind its inexhaustible appeal to the human mind resides in a simple truth: humans need a ritual that transcends distinct and distinguishable groups, peoples and nations to celebrate our common humanity. Nowruz does so by inviting us to contemplate nature as it puts on its most magnificent dress at springtime and to synchronize personal and communal relations with the spirit of nature. By pointing to nature’s ability to renew itself each and every year, Nowruz has evolved through the millennia the manifestation of more pressing and more intense human yearnings.

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